Monday, July 15, 2013

Bridge, Nursery & Kindergarten Welcome Packets

Greetings and a very happy Summer to you all!

Families enrolled in our 2013-14 Bridge, Nursery & Kindergarten programs will be receiving their 2013-14 Welcome Packets next week by mail.  If you are away and would like me to send you a digital copy as well please let me know. 

The packets include the 2013-14 School Calendar and our newly updated Parent Handbook.  We ask that you review the handbook and then sign and return the agreement sheet on the last page.  Our community thrives when we share a common vision of our work together and it is our hope that the handbook will bring clarity to this vision.

Also included is the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet.  As a developing school your involvement is essential to our success.  Please take a moment to share your interests, skills and availability.  The sheets should be completed and returned to the school in August.  Our committee leaders will reach out to you at the start of the year to speak with you about ways you can contribute to the school.

Aftercare Information and Registration Forms will be in the packets of families enrolled in our Morning Nursery and Kindergarten Programs.  Registration Forms are also available on our website.

Cumulative Health Record Forms must be completed by a parent and mailed to the school on or before August 19th.

Selected articles are also included and we hope you find them informative and inspiring.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you don't receive your packet by July 19th.


Karen Talluto