Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holiday Auction Update

Thank you all for your contributions so far … it’s going to be a great auction!

Holiday Auction letters and forms are available in reception, and we’ll be sending you all some more later this week (we can send you an email version too).  We’re hoping that each family can solicit or contribute at least two items, and all donations need to be in by November 8th, so now is the time to be thinking about it!  If you have ideas for donations but no time to ask, then we’d love the details.  Also, we’d love some help with following up leads on the phone or in person, if anyone has time/capacity for that?

For those of you new to the school, the Holiday Auction is one of our key annual fundraising events.  Our fundraising efforts enable us to keep tuition affordable and supports our financial assistance program, as well as facilitating ongoing education and enrichment for our teachers and staff.  The Holiday Auction is also a unique opportunity for the school to reach out to a broader community – to
communicate more about who we are and what we do – as well as offering an opportunity to help us in our efforts.

We welcome participation in the Craft Cooperative as all craft contributions play an essential role in the Holiday Auction, as well as other School Events and the classrooms. The Craft Cooperative is meeting every Friday morning from 9am in the Parent Lounge.  All are welcome – total beginners and experienced crafters alike.

Questions?  Call or email
Jennie on 917 331 9250 (jennie@soulsomefood.com),
Claire on 917-498-4690 szeto@katonahsystems.com,
Barry on 347-387-4401, or
Lynne on 917-697-8830 or lynne.wu@newamsterdamchildhood.org.