Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First and Second Graders Spend Their Handwork Lesson at the Plant Dye Cafe!

Join us in Welcoming Students to Our Growing Grades Program!

We are so proud that our grades program continues to grow! There is still room in our programs, and we hope to continue to grow! Please tell your friends and colleagues about our upcoming admissions events on Saturday Sept. 26, and Saturday October 24th. 

New Amsterdam Partners with Meadowlark Store

Stock up on toys, gifts for fall birthdays and the upcoming holidays, or on rain gear and cold weather gear, Meadowlark Toy Store is a great place to ship made even greater with this generous offer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Development Updates from Development Committee Co-Chair, Nina Kaufelt

Development Developments
from Development Chair, Nina Kaufelt

Dear Friends,

At the Community Meeting on April 16, we announced a Spring Drive with the goal of raising $175,000 by June 1.  It was both ambitious and necessary.

Today, to our delight, we have $110,325 in hand. ($121,000 as of May 26th!)

We thank all of you who have given generously and we thank you for asking your friends and family who have also given generously.

Families who have long been generous have been generous again.  Pretty new families have been generous. Brand-new families have been generous, too.

Every gift is touching in its own way, because, as Lynne Wu taught us, all money, but especially charitable money, has meaning, a story, behind it.

We need to raise another $65,000 in the next two weeks. This, too, is a tall order. But the momentum is with us! A generous alumni family has offered to double its first gift to the Spring Drive of $10,000 – with a challenge!  If the rest of us can raise $10,000 by June 1, this donor will give another $10,000. We can do it.

There are three ways you can help:
  • by sending your own new gift;
  • by asking your families and friends to give; and
  • by fulfilling your recent or past pledges.

We are very keen that 100% of current families give. Twenty-five families have yet to give. If those families each gave $100, that’s $2,500. If each gave $200, that’s $5,000.  So you see that solidary in giving is not only a gesture of respect and thanks to the donors who can and do give more, but it also amounts to considerable money.
When you sit down to write a check to New Amsterdam School for the Spring Drive, please pause and consider what New Amsterdam and Waldorf education mean to you.
With thanks,
Nina Kaufelt
Development Chair
(Mother of Julian, Jacob and Rose)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Puppet Shows at New Amsterdam School

We will be opening our doors and hosting community children for two free puppet shows:
  • Friday May 15th, 4pm for 3 & 4 year olds
  • Monday, May 18th, 4pm 5 &6 year olds

Please join us!! And please help spread the word! Invite friends, neighbors and colleagues. Share our event on facebook. And please do come and enjoy these beautiful tales and exquisite artistry.  

Thank You to Action Outreach Members who Hosted a Booth at Hester Street Fair!

Here are some picture of the day!

Our team worked hard but they had a lot of fun! And they earned almost $300 for the school! And best of all, they got to share information about New Amsterdam with neighborhood families.

We will be organizing another booth this Saturday, May 16th. Join the fun! volunteer for a shift at the New Amsterdam Booth at Hester Street Fair!

Email Cherish, cherish.pratt@newamsterdamchildhood.org if you are able to help!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seven Year Cycles and the Biography of the Soul Foundational Studies Workshop at Green Meadow

A workshop in Foundational Studies at Green Meadow with Jennifer Brooks Quinn.

5 classes September -November 2015

Thank You For Making This Year's Spring Fair a Day to Remember!

Dear New Amsterdam Community,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this year’s Spring Fair a day to remember. It was a truly magical event, one that delighted our children, intrigued newcomers, and solidified our feelings of connection to our school and to one another. It was just what we needed. The Spring Fair was the pinnacle of our year together, the culmination of our work to help the school grow and flourish, and an auspicious inaugural event for 62 Avenue B!
Thank you to everyone who supported the fair by showing up and enjoying it!! Thank you to those who invited friends, and shared the word. To those who shopped in the amazing market and bid on the beautiful auction items. Thank you to those who donated the items—from knitted animals and silks to delicious things to eat and wear!—and to those who worked tirelessly to price, display, organize and log everything. Thank you to those who crafted flowers and ladybugs and gnomes and other treasures for our pocket fairy and angels share. Thank you to the angels, thank you to the fairies. Thank you to the gnomes in the crystal cave and the mysterious cave they created. Thank you to the farmers in Mother Nature’s Garden who sorted eggs and harvested root babies. Thank you to the crafters who patiently helped little fingers navigate difficult crafts. Thank you to our puppeteers for their mesmerizing artistry. Thank you to the ticket takers, the ticket sellers and the greeters, those who organized the guest list and the token sales. To the alumni families who showed up and supported this event with such love and graciousness. To the underwriters, those who generously gave in-kind and cash donations. Thank you to the designers for the beautiful postcard and our first ever Spring Fair map.Thank you to the peat pot planters, the flower arrangers, the branch trimmers, the garland makers.Thank you to the gardeners and those who planned the glorious picnic in the garden. To the bakers and lunch packers and chefs. Thank you to the setter-uppers at the school, too. It was a monumental task to transform our school into such a magical, beautiful place. Thank you to the clean up crew who put it all back together as quick as can be, as if by magic (but we know it was through strength and hard work). And thank you to the universe for blessing us with such a beautiful, warm day... and such a beautiful, warm community.
It takes strength and hard work to build a school. It takes love and devotion. It takes our annual Spring Fair to show the world that we can do it, with kindness, fun, and grace. Thank you to everyone for your kindness and grace. And thank you for making it fun.

With grateful hearts,
New Amsterdam Spring Fair Committee

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Amsterdam Partners with Doma Na Rohu Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious meal at Doma Na Rohu (you will remember their delicious spread at our Benefit Reunion Party!!) and support New Amsterdam!!

Doma Na Rohu will give you 10% of your bill

And give New Amsterdam 30% of the proceeds!!

It's win win!

Bring a coupon to participate in this amazing offer! Coupons are available below and also at the front desk. For use between April 28th & May 28th.

27 & 1/2 Morton Street at Seventh Avenue in the Village
212-929-4339 ~ www.domanyc.com

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thank You for Coming to our Garden Work Day

A big thank you to everyone who came to help out at our garden work day!!

Many of you were able to become members of the garden. It is important to increase our membership at the garden so that we can ensure a smooth relationship with the school. The board of El Jardin del Paraiso will set up a booth at our Spring Fair, so you will have an opportunity to get to know them and maybe join the garden too!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Please Join the Outreach Action Group

Please join us! Outreach Comm Tues & Wed9am! We need your help!

Dear parents,  

Word of Mouth and Local Marketing are the number one way for prospective parents to discover and select your school, this selection is based on the trust and credibility from someone who has experienced the school. THANK YOU for being the Ambassadors of the New Amsterdam School.

To help you spread the word, we have created some materiel reflecting the upcoming activities at the school and some general information in the form of vibrant postcards for the summer camps, lovely bookmarks, brochures and admission business cards. 

We have prepared some communication packs for you to drop wherever you feel the clientele could fit: Libraries, children classes, yoga studios, family friendly restaurants & coffee shops, etc. Alternatively, we have attached some suggested places where to leave them.

Attached to your bundle, you will find a ‘Report card’, if you could kindly mention the places you have dropped off materials that will make our actions very efficient.

When :           Tuesday, 31st after drop off – 1 Avenue B
                        Wednesday, 1st after drop off – 62 Avenue B

Please feel free to ask for a packet if you haven’t gotten yours.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Marketing Committee

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Consolidation Plan ~ Please Read

March 17, 2015

Dear Parents,

We would like to confirm with you that we will be moving our classes from 1 Ave B to 62 Ave B this school year.

We are sending along our consolidation plan for your reference with important information we feel will aid in the success of our move together and create a harmonious experience for the children and our community.

We hope that it can be used as guide as our community navigates the transition from 1 ave B to 62 Ave B.

Practical things to know:

·      New Amsterdam School will be closed Thursday, April 2nd and Friday, April 3rd.  We are seeking volunteers to help us with the move.   
·      We will send a sign up sheet for times to support the move April 2nd and April 3rd through the parent reps.
·      Spring Break will be from Thursday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 12th.
·      New Amsterdam School will re-open on Monday, April 13th. (Please note: this is a change. There will be no professional development day on Monday.)

We are in need of boxes and bags to be delivered to the parent lounge at 1 Ave B throughout the next few weeks. The faculty will pack the non-essentials to our daily work with the children and place the boxes in the parent lounge for delivery. In addition if anyone can carry a box to 62 in the next few weeks, we would appreciate it.
During the week of March 23rd to March 27th, we will begin to share stories in our classrooms that represent and prepare the children for the transition.  Our intention is to introduce the change in a gradual manner. We recommend that there is not a lot of talk in the family about the move with the children. If there are questions from the children, responding simply and truthfully can support your child to not grow anxious or nervous about what is coming.  Please let your teacher know of any questions or concerns you have about you child and this change.
If you have questions, please direct them to the coordinators at coordinators@newamsterdamchildhood.org.
 SAVE THE DATE:  We will welcome everyone to “62” at our next community meeting, April 16th, 6:30pm to 8:30 pm.
With appreciation,

The New Amsterdam Faculty and Administration

First Grade Trip to Green Meadow!

Mr. Jamie and Ms. Kaori spent the day at Green Meadow with the First Grade Class last Thursday. They tapped maple trees, sampled the sap, explored the woods, and got to know the farm animals. They even found some eggs in the barn! They had a wonderful day. Thank you Mr. Jamie! And Thank you Ms. Kaori!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Fair!! Saturday, May 2nd! Indoor Portion of Fair at 62 Avenue B and Picnic & Activities in the Garden, El Jardin del Paraiso

Save the date for this glorious event featuring a New Amsterdam Faculty Puppet Show; Mother Nature's Magical Garden; Crystal Cave; The Magical Meadow Wool Craft Room; Pocket Fairy; Eurythmy; The New Amsterdam School Spring Market; and Angel's Share (new this year)! We will also have a picnic and activities in our beautiful garden, El Jardin del Paraiso. Stay tuned for info on the time and ticket sales. See you at the Spring Fair!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Parent Lecture: Parenting as a Spiritual Path. Monday, Feb 23rd, 7pm at 62 Avenue B

Parenting as a Spiritual Path  
With Yehuda Tagar
Psychophonetics Institute International
          Monday, Feb 23rd, 7pm
          62 Avenue B

Parenting is without a doubt the most demanding, accountable, consequential and important task in the world. It is also one of the least supported ones. For much simpler and less important professions, people are trained, supervised, and supported. At crucial moments in parenting, we are left alone to our own limited existing devises and resources. No one trains us for parenthood.  Yet internal support, guidance, life energy and inspiration are available in the depth of parenthood if it is taken as a path of spiritual development. Children present the strongest opportunity for parents to grow. 

Still partially in the spiritual world, children can remind us of our source, if we listen. They need us to really See them, Hear them, Know them. That is active empathy.  

If we take up the challenge to develop conscious empathy with our children, we are taking a step in our spiritual development. Children need us to deal with and to contain our emotionality: reactions, projections, frustrations, anxieties, neediness, hurts and losses. If we take this task seriously, we develop self awareness, self-management and self-healing.  Children need us to be truthful. If we take that challenge seriously, we find the courage to see ourselves objectively and honestly, and to change. 

Psychophonetics is a practical application of Rudolf Steiner's Psychosophy. A form of Anthroposophically based soul-phenomenology, personal development, counselling, coaching and  psychotherapy, the psychological application of Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom. It is being taught and practiced in Australia, South Africa, UK, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. 

This is the first public presentation in New York by Yehuda Tagar, founder of Applied Psychosophy, Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy, director of Psychophonetics Institute International, British College of Methodical Empathy and Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thank You for Coming to Our Saturday Craft Studio! Next Saturday Studio Will Be in March!!!

We hope you and your children had a lovely time at our first Saturday Craft Studio. Thank you for spreading the word, thank you for helping, and thank you for joining us!!

Our next "Crafternoon" will be in mid-March. Stay tuned for the date and the project!!

Free Puppet Show for Children in Our School and in Our Greater Community!

Please join New Amsterdam teachers in welcoming children from our greater community to a puppet show at our school on Sunday, February 22nd

10:30am showing for Children 3 & 4 Years Old
11:30am showing for Children 5 & 6 Years Old

Share the event with friends, family and neighbors! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lecture at Brooklyn Waldorf with Nancy Blanning ~ Wednesday, February 25th, 6:30pm

Please join speaker Nancy Blanning at the Brooklyn Waldorf School Wednesday, Feb 25th, 6:30pm

"My Mother-In_Law Insists on Buying My Child a (Fill In the Blank) No Matter What I Say"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Simplicity Parenting Group Workshop, Monday Evenings beginning February 23rd

Simplicity Parenting Group
Upcoming Workshop
Mondays in February & March 2015

Simplicity Parenting is a supportive, systematic approach for creating more calm, connection and cooperation in families by decreasing sources of cumulative stress. The model operates out of the understanding that parents are the best experts on their own families. Parents and caretakers are provided with an accessible, empowering framework and practical solutions for establishing a values-led lifestyle that supports healthy social-emotional development & strong family bonds.

Workshop will meet Monday evenings for approximately 2 hours (time tbd) February 23rd-March 30th

For information and registration, please email meryam.schneider@me.com

$150 per person (+$30 materials fee)
$275 per couple (+50 materials fee)
*All Proceeds will go to Benefit new Amsterdam School

133 Norfolk Street
NYC 10002

Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday Studios at new Amsterdam School, 1-3pm 62 Ave B

Join us on Saturday Afternoon for our Saturday Studios Craft Program!

Saturday, March 28th, 1-4pm
So sorry this event is Cancelled
Stay tuned for a new date!

62 Avenue B

Parents and Children over the Age of 6* are welcome to join our next Saturday Studio Crafting Workshop where we will try our hands working with LEATHER!

Join First Grade teacher Jamie Loftus for a Leather Workshop

Learn to print, cut, dye, punch and design leather to create a key rings, bracelets or belts.

We look forward to seeing you!

*Due to the nature of the materials required to work with leather, this craft is not appropriate for children under 6 years old. We hope children under six will join us at a future date for soft crafts!

Parents and Children over the age of 5 are welcome to join us to make Valentine Crafts with New Amsterdam handwork teacher Anne Elliott on Saturday, February 7th, 1-3pm.

Saturday Studios are open to the public.
There will be a small materials fee for this session.

For more information Please RSVP to: kaarin.vonherrlich@newamsterdamchildhood.org

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Holy Mamas : Holy Papas Wednesday, January 28th, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Join Jerilyn Brownstein for Holy Mama :: Holy Papa
A workshop to support, honor and inspire the inner life of mothers and fathers

A holy mama/papa is aware that parenting is an initiation into wholeness.  Meeting, accepting and learning to work with all the parts of our self we meet in being parents -- we become healthy, whole, holy.

The workshop sets the stage for a monthly group of parents interested in growing themselves while they grow their families.

date: Wed. Jan 28th, 9:30 - 11:30
place: New Amsterdam School 1 ave B
fee: workshop cost $85
monthly group - determined by number of individuals committed.

Dawning of the Year Festival : Saturday, January 31st, 62 Avenue B

Please join us for this wonderful festival as we celebrate the days beginning to grow longer 
and we welcome the returning light

We ask that classes please join us at the following times:

  • Bridge 9:30 -10:30 am
  • 3 Day Nursery 10:45-noon
  • Willow Kindergarten 12:15 
  • Juniper Kindergarten 12:15
  • First Grade 12:15
Come and enjoy candle making, a puppet show and a light meal.

We look forward to seeing you there!