Friday, September 28, 2012

News from the Craft Cooperative

Dear Craft Cooperative,

Thank you for coming to crafting Thursdays! We hope you are enjoying it.  We would also like to invite anyone else from our community who might want to try their hand at something new! 

Below please find a loose schedule of activities. 

Next Thursday: 
--shaping and stuffing our knitted squares into toy animals
--cutting felt and beginning Hand Sewing tutorial

By Mid October we will have a doll making demonstration! Our expert doll makers, Clarisse and Mayuka will be making dolls for the auction. We, the mere mortal crafters, will follow along, observing their steps and making our own small basic doll heads, with a fabric body (marionettes--or ornament angels). The skills we observe and begin to learn will be very helpful when we do our full doll making workshop this winter.

--we will finish up auction items, your choice sewing or knitting
--we will work on our sail boats, so we will get some lessons in woodworking!

And then the auction will be upon us!