Friday, September 28, 2012

Announcements: Week of September 28, 2012

-All Community Meeting 
Wednesday, October 3rd 6:30-8:00PM

This Wednesday evening will be an opportunity for us to come together -faculty, board members, administration, and parents to create intention and more understanding about the possibility of New Amsterdam moving towards building a first grade and beyond.  We look very forward to sharing our thoughts and hearing from you.  We are expecting someone from each family to attend.

Please let Lisa know if you have any questions.

-Changes to Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Beginning Monday, October 1st

We will have a new and required sign in/sign out sheet for every child and every day.  When you arrive on Monday there will be a clip board for your class.  The parent or caregiver bringing your child will need to sign them in. At pick up every child will need to be signed out.  Each person picking up or dropping off your child will need to be listed and authorized by you. We will have extra authorization forms for you on Monday.  We hope to make this as easy as possible. Many thanks in advance for these extra steps.

-First Parent Study
Wednesday, October 3rd 9:00AM

Our first parent study morning will begin this Wed. Oct 3rd in the parent lounge - 9:00ish.

-Garden Update Meetings
Monday, October 1st 9:00AM
Wednesday, October 3rd 9:00AM

The Garden committee is hoping to see you for one of our first meetings. We will have two brief overviews (for 10-15 minutes) to discuss the season this Monday 10/1 and Wednesday 10/3. Please join us directly after drop off at 9AM. Please be sure to see the note from Shoshana Sebring.

-Weekly Article: What Is A Well-Balanced Child? 
by Nina Kaufelt, New Amsterdam Parent

"Here’s a discovery: children who struggle with learning and attention often have vestibular trouble—trouble with balance! Isn’t it something to find that the well-balanced child is, in fact, well-balanced?   (Note to parents: In adults, trouble with balance is associated with anxiety. Isn’t it something to discover that the composed and poised adult is, in fact, well-balanced?)" Be sure to read the full article on the blog,

News from the Craft Cooperative

Thank you for coming to crafting Thursdays! We hope you are enjoying it.  We would also like to invite anyone else from our community who might want to try their hand at something new! Please find a loose schedule of activities on the blog,