Friday, September 28, 2012

Garden News - First School-Wide Garden Work Day

Dear Parents, 

The Garden committee is hoping to see you for one of our first meetings. We will have two brief overviews (for 10-15 minutes) to discuss the season this Monday 10/1 and Wednesday 10/3. Please join us directly after drop off at 9AM. 

All of the school garden programs are run by the parents of the school. We need every parent's participation at the school in some shape, or form in one way or another and the garden is one of the main places. Our first concern is always our children's safety and the second is to help to enrich our children's experience in their time together outdoors. The seasonal changes at the garden are phenomenal, and the fact that our children get to enjoy it daily is wonderful, but it takes work to keep it up. The public community garden, El Jardin, runs one block long and half an avenue wide, and we need your help in continuing to shape it's cleanliness, plantings, and growth for our children, for our school events, and for the community at large.

Our first school-wide garden work morning will be on Saturday the 27th of October from 10:00-12:30, everyone is welcome. Please feel free to bring your lunch for a picnic in the meadow afterwards.

If you don't like gardening, we need help in many other areas!
1. Creating parent look/see program that scopes out the garden in the AM before teachers and children arrive
2. Planning school garden events
3. Helping with upcoming clothing swap to benefit the garden
4. Preparing for school garden work days by:
-Buying supplies
-Loading supplies
-Helping with childcare in meadow so others may work

Many thanks on behalf of the Garden Committee,

Shoshana Sebring