Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Fair Thank You!

Three Cheers for the Spring Fair!

Our Spring Fair was utterly beautiful. Thank you to the teachers for the captivating puppet show, wondrous crystal cave, and for stepping into the role of Mother Nature in Mother Nature’s Magical Garden. Thank you to the staff for contributing their amazing organizational skills and unending patience. Thank you to Lisa and Jeff for the wonderful wool spinning demonstration. Thank you to the Eurythmy teachers for the pocket fairy magic and the beautiful performances in the garden.  Thank you to our generous sponsors who provided us with the resources to get the materials and food we needed to make this whole event possible.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and worked their fingers to the bone. The indoor shifts were fulfilled diligently and graciously. It was wonderful to experience our first Spring Market! The El Jardin picnic and activities were delightful. The food was delicious and nutritious and the set up was perfectly planned and gracefully executed. The garden has never seemed more inviting or beautiful.
We want to thank especially the core group (you know who you are) who worked tirelessly: plotting, planning, sewing, knitting, pressing, cutting, building, packing, writing, carrying, lifting, digging, hauling, driving, watching, purchasing, setting up, cleaning up, working until their legs and muscles seized, until they hobbled home and passed out on their couches mid-hand-dyeing silk! You are all creative, brilliant people who make our school sing with imagination, beauty and spirit.

And a very special Thank You to Lisa for your purity of vision and your great inspiration to all. It is your example that pulses through our hearts when we strive to become our very best, purest selves. Thank you for that.
There was something indescribable about watching all the children run around the garden, their faces painted, the rain threatening, the weather as intense and exuberant as their joy. And it is moments like these when we realize exactly why we work so hard. We do it for these little, painted faces: these puppies and kitties, bunnies and saber tooth tigers, princesses, fairies, flower girls and many, many butterflies, foxes and unicorns, little bats and spiders, dancing monkeys and swirly, pink fish. We work so hard so we can witness their delight and honor their wonder and goodness. We hope all the children had a magical, unforgettable experience at our New Amsterdam Spring Fair.

With Deep Gratitude and Love,

Spring Fair Committee