Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thank You For Making This Year's Spring Fair a Day to Remember!

Dear New Amsterdam Community,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this year’s Spring Fair a day to remember. It was a truly magical event, one that delighted our children, intrigued newcomers, and solidified our feelings of connection to our school and to one another. It was just what we needed. The Spring Fair was the pinnacle of our year together, the culmination of our work to help the school grow and flourish, and an auspicious inaugural event for 62 Avenue B!
Thank you to everyone who supported the fair by showing up and enjoying it!! Thank you to those who invited friends, and shared the word. To those who shopped in the amazing market and bid on the beautiful auction items. Thank you to those who donated the items—from knitted animals and silks to delicious things to eat and wear!—and to those who worked tirelessly to price, display, organize and log everything. Thank you to those who crafted flowers and ladybugs and gnomes and other treasures for our pocket fairy and angels share. Thank you to the angels, thank you to the fairies. Thank you to the gnomes in the crystal cave and the mysterious cave they created. Thank you to the farmers in Mother Nature’s Garden who sorted eggs and harvested root babies. Thank you to the crafters who patiently helped little fingers navigate difficult crafts. Thank you to our puppeteers for their mesmerizing artistry. Thank you to the ticket takers, the ticket sellers and the greeters, those who organized the guest list and the token sales. To the alumni families who showed up and supported this event with such love and graciousness. To the underwriters, those who generously gave in-kind and cash donations. Thank you to the designers for the beautiful postcard and our first ever Spring Fair map.Thank you to the peat pot planters, the flower arrangers, the branch trimmers, the garland makers.Thank you to the gardeners and those who planned the glorious picnic in the garden. To the bakers and lunch packers and chefs. Thank you to the setter-uppers at the school, too. It was a monumental task to transform our school into such a magical, beautiful place. Thank you to the clean up crew who put it all back together as quick as can be, as if by magic (but we know it was through strength and hard work). And thank you to the universe for blessing us with such a beautiful, warm day... and such a beautiful, warm community.
It takes strength and hard work to build a school. It takes love and devotion. It takes our annual Spring Fair to show the world that we can do it, with kindness, fun, and grace. Thank you to everyone for your kindness and grace. And thank you for making it fun.

With grateful hearts,
New Amsterdam Spring Fair Committee