Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Development Updates from Development Committee Co-Chair, Nina Kaufelt

Development Developments
from Development Chair, Nina Kaufelt

Dear Friends,

At the Community Meeting on April 16, we announced a Spring Drive with the goal of raising $175,000 by June 1.  It was both ambitious and necessary.

Today, to our delight, we have $110,325 in hand. ($121,000 as of May 26th!)

We thank all of you who have given generously and we thank you for asking your friends and family who have also given generously.

Families who have long been generous have been generous again.  Pretty new families have been generous. Brand-new families have been generous, too.

Every gift is touching in its own way, because, as Lynne Wu taught us, all money, but especially charitable money, has meaning, a story, behind it.

We need to raise another $65,000 in the next two weeks. This, too, is a tall order. But the momentum is with us! A generous alumni family has offered to double its first gift to the Spring Drive of $10,000 – with a challenge!  If the rest of us can raise $10,000 by June 1, this donor will give another $10,000. We can do it.

There are three ways you can help:
  • by sending your own new gift;
  • by asking your families and friends to give; and
  • by fulfilling your recent or past pledges.

We are very keen that 100% of current families give. Twenty-five families have yet to give. If those families each gave $100, that’s $2,500. If each gave $200, that’s $5,000.  So you see that solidary in giving is not only a gesture of respect and thanks to the donors who can and do give more, but it also amounts to considerable money.
When you sit down to write a check to New Amsterdam School for the Spring Drive, please pause and consider what New Amsterdam and Waldorf education mean to you.
With thanks,
Nina Kaufelt
Development Chair
(Mother of Julian, Jacob and Rose)