Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Parent Lecture: Parenting as a Spiritual Path. Monday, Feb 23rd, 7pm at 62 Avenue B

Parenting as a Spiritual Path  
With Yehuda Tagar
Psychophonetics Institute International
          Monday, Feb 23rd, 7pm
          62 Avenue B

Parenting is without a doubt the most demanding, accountable, consequential and important task in the world. It is also one of the least supported ones. For much simpler and less important professions, people are trained, supervised, and supported. At crucial moments in parenting, we are left alone to our own limited existing devises and resources. No one trains us for parenthood.  Yet internal support, guidance, life energy and inspiration are available in the depth of parenthood if it is taken as a path of spiritual development. Children present the strongest opportunity for parents to grow. 

Still partially in the spiritual world, children can remind us of our source, if we listen. They need us to really See them, Hear them, Know them. That is active empathy.  

If we take up the challenge to develop conscious empathy with our children, we are taking a step in our spiritual development. Children need us to deal with and to contain our emotionality: reactions, projections, frustrations, anxieties, neediness, hurts and losses. If we take this task seriously, we develop self awareness, self-management and self-healing.  Children need us to be truthful. If we take that challenge seriously, we find the courage to see ourselves objectively and honestly, and to change. 

Psychophonetics is a practical application of Rudolf Steiner's Psychosophy. A form of Anthroposophically based soul-phenomenology, personal development, counselling, coaching and  psychotherapy, the psychological application of Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom. It is being taught and practiced in Australia, South Africa, UK, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. 

This is the first public presentation in New York by Yehuda Tagar, founder of Applied Psychosophy, Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy, director of Psychophonetics Institute International, British College of Methodical Empathy and Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe.