Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Reflections by Ms. Elea


For those of you who grew up in the Northeast, or anywhere else where King Winter reigns this time of year, snowfall brings memories of winter wonderlands past.  How joyful to experience the crystalline mysteries of ice and snow.  Yesterday grey clouds darkened the sky and white snowflakes floated and flew everywhere, mixing with water droplets on windowpanes and forming impressively deep and slushy puddles in the streets.  What a contrast today!  When we stepped out of the school and made our way to the garden, we found the sun shining brightly, the ground covered in a dazzling white blanket of snow and every tree transformed, with bursts of glistening ice diamonds hanging elegantly from branches.

The children have been fascinated by the smooth slipperiness of the ice on the small pond and were especially pleased today to discover that the snow at the garden was wet enough to pack and roll into big snowballs, some of which became so large that they required the help of a few friends to push!  They have high hopes of soon bringing a carrot from our soup day to the garden to make a nose for a  snowman.  It is such a pleasure to return from the garden each day and see the children, rosy cheeked and smiling, breathe a sigh of satisfaction as they take a sip of warm tea and sit down to hear a fairy tale before we say goodbye.  What magical winter moments are you having?  Do you have childhood memories of this time of year?  If you do please share them with each other and with us!

Wishing you a happy winter!

Elea Robinson
Kindergarten Teacher