Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Online Holiday Auction: Keep the Bids Coming!


Dear friends,

The 2013 Online Holiday Auction is LIVE and in full swing.  If you have been eyeing an item, now is the time to place that bid for a special someone or yourself.  The Holiday season is upon us!

Here's the all important link.


Our Holiday Auction is most definitely open to all!
Please pass the link on to family and friends and encourage them to pass it on too.
You can also help us distribute Auction Cards which are available at the front desk.

We have a spectacular selection of wonderful items this year!

Children's Party Ideas


Handcrafted Items

Leather Goods
Incredible Gift Certificates
There's sure to be something for everyone!  New items are still be added so be sure to keep checking back.  And remember that all proceeds support the New Amsterdam School so don't be shy about going over the value amounts. 
The Auction is open for bidding until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, December 4th.
Happy bidding everyone and thank you for your support!
Happy Thanksgiving!
The New Amsterdam Holiday Auction Committee