Friday, November 16, 2012

Garden News

Dear New Amsterdam Community,

Our Clothing Fundraiser made over $550.00!
Please forgive the belated tally. I am so proud to announce that with your generosity we were able to change outgrown children's clothing into needed garden supplies, Hyacinths, Daffodil, Tulip, Crocus bulbs and a new little Camilla tree!  From the community, the members of El Jardin Del Paraiso and the children, Thank you!

Family Garden Day
The parents of this school ROCK!! With the funds generated from the clothing resale we did massive multi-color plantings of bulbs for spring.  Three days before Sandy arrived in five different areas of the garden, the awesome parents of this school planted over 1,000 bulbs and 30 some odd plants, re-lined mulch pathways, and gave a filthy tool shed an extreme makeover turning it into a community space now usable for all.  The children were the hardest working of all, digging, planting, shoveling, while teams of two's and three's navigated the small wheelbarrows throughout the working crews of adults.  Our incredibly busy morning was followed by the stuffing and mounting of our unique scarecrow and the creation of lavender and wheat wands tied with jeweled tones ribbons of the season.  An enormous THANK YOU again to all the parents who came out and a special thank you to one of our teachers known loving by many of the children as Miss Patricia.  We would like to thank you for all your help.  You worked tirelessly, smiled endlessly and helped make the day an incredible experience for all.

El Jardin Del Paraiso Garden Update
Many of you know that the Tree house Willow lost one of its two trunks but should be fine, however the 30 year old tall Poplar that is close to the plots also lost one its three trunks.  It is leaning towards the plot area and will probably be marked to go.  The Garden is on the Forestry departments long, long list of many many places that need help.  Like many community gardens, the members of El Jardin are moving forward with the clean up the best they can in the meantime, so there are workdays open to all this weekend from 11-4pm, Adults only please.

Here is a photo of our scarecrow and the little Camilla tree who also made it through the storm!

Camilla Tree