Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wanted: Date Night

Yep, it’s the Holiday Auction Committee again, cajoling everyone we know to give us something fabulous for our hugely popular and wildly successful Holiday Auction …  Wonderful goodies are arriving at the school each day, and we’re very excited about all sorts of things – from luxury salon experiences and a wonderful farm camp to picture framing and piano lessons. Thank you EVERYONE for all your hard work and generosity so far.

We were thinking it would be fun to offer some exciting Date Night experiences– so please do continue to ask your favourite eateries, or theatres or music venues – anything – to consider a donation.    And given that we’re almost to November, now is the time to be following up on all those people that you asked weeks ago that have forgotten to get back to you ...

All donations are due by November 8th.

And book your babysitters for the launch party at
VON on Wednesday, November 20th, 6–8pm
generously sponsored by Von and Murray's Cheese.
It’s a great community mixer that introduces new and old families while having fun on behalf of our school.
Call or email Jennie on 917 331 9250 (jennie@soulsomefood.com),
Claire on 917-498-4690 claire.szeto@gmail.com,
Lynne on 917-697-8830 or lynne.wu@newamsterdamchildhood.org.

We can email letters and donation forms too.