Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reflections on the Community Meeting from Lisa Bono

Dear Community,

What a wonderful community meeting!  Thank you to the many parents who joined us, faculty, board members, administration and committee chairs.  Thank you for your stories, love, and commitment to growing ourselves and New Amsterdam.

I am continually amazed at what Waldorf Education can bring about in the world today and to imagine that the first school began 94 years ago is a testament to the truth and healing that is inherent in the impulse behind our work together.  Each year in some ways we bring the past with us, in some ways the future is built upon this.

It was almost eight years ago that New Amsterdam began and in reflecting on this I realize that we are continuing the work of building a strong foundation.  Each one of us is playing a significant role in the future of  our children, education, New York City and Waldorf Education.

I would like to share our announcement again, we will be beginning  our First Grade at the New Amsterdam School in the fall of 2014!

It is an auspicious time, an exciting time.  We are all apart of this, and waking up to each other and to the challenges and beauty of our time.

With gratitude,

Lisa Bono
Faculty Chair