Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holiday Auction

Holiday Auction 2013
We’re really excited about the auction items that have been coming in – from a beautiful vacation home-stay in Palm Springs, to a course of yoga classes, and some wonderful crafts – thank you all for your efforts so far! 
Solicitation letters and donation forms are available in reception (and we can send you email versions if you prefer), and there are still some packs for parents to pick up in the class sign-in area.   Do let us know if you’d like more ideas about who to ask and what to ask for.  And just keep on asking!!  Every little helps.   Think about where you spend your money and who therefore might be happy to support us?  And also about what you’d like on the auction to help you with your Holiday shopping?
The Craft Cooperative would really welcome any help with making craft items.  If you’re not able to attend on Friday mornings, then Claire would be happy to provide you with instructions or a kit to make things at home – ranging from simple knitted squares that anyone could do, or sewing bean bags, to knitted chickens or sewn felt animals etc for more experienced crafters.  Or how about outsourcing to Granny or anyone else in your family with some time/ability??
 Just a reminder that all donations due by November 8th.
 Thanks so much again for all your help.