Friday, May 10, 2013

Help Spread the Word About our New Afternoon Nursery Program!

Space is still available in our 2013-14 Afternoon Program and we need your support to help get the word out about this wonderful opportunity for children between 2 years 10 months and 4 years of age.

The Afternoon program focuses on the nurturing of the children's body and spirit. We start the day outside, working in the garden and experiencing the seasonal environment. Upon returning to school the children will share in a hearty lunch that their teacher has prepared with organic ingredients. After lunch the children will have rest time which will help them digest the experience of their day. When they awake they will move on to the daily activities such as drawing, water color painting, seasonal crafts, free play, puppet shows and circle.

The program will meet 5 afternoons a week, noon-4 pm

Every time you share your child's experience at the school you help our community to grow and flourish!  Thanks so much for all your continued support.