Friday, September 14, 2012

Holy Mama -- Holy Papa

holy mama  -- holy papa:

a group to support, honor and inspire the inner life of mothers and fathers
What is wisdom? Wisdom is seeing the whole in the parts, 
and in the whole seeing the holy.  – sufi teaching.

What is the sacred wisdom that being a mother/father offers us? What are the parts? --  the parts we can not see, the parts we do not want to see, and the parts that are strong and reflect our deepest essence. How do we develop the capacities to see and be our whole self, our HOLY self.

A holy mama/papa is a aware that parenting is an initiation into wholeness.  Meeting, accepting and learning to work with all the parts of our self we meet in being parents - we become healthy, whole, holy.

This group will meet bi-monthly on Wednesday mornings from 9am - 11am @ the New Amsterdam School. The fee for each group is $65 and a commitment for Oct - June is required.  There is scholarship available -- Please contact Jerilyn Brownstein directly to inquire about financial support for this program.

There will be a free group offered Oct 10th to get a better sense of the work and to ask questions. For further information about Jerilyn Brownstein MSW and her work supporting mothers/fathers/couples please feel free to wander through her web-site or contact her directly (