Friday, September 14, 2012

Announcements Week of September 14, 2012

A Note on Volunteering

Thanks to all of those who filled out the volunteer sign up form. In the next few weeks you will receive an email with more information.

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Morning Events at New Amsterdam

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Parent Lounge

The morning events schedule is up on the blog. This semester we will have Parent Eurythmy, Parent Study, & Crafting. For more information on each class,  

Holy Mama -- Holy Papa

Bi-monthly Wednesdays 9:00-11:00AM


Parent Lounge

A group to support, honor, and inspire the inner life of mothers and fathers. A holy mama/holy papa is aware that parenting is an intiaition into wholeness. Meeting, accepting and learning to work with all the parts of our self we meet in being parents -- we become healthy, whole, holy.

The fee for the group is $65 and a commitment for Oct-June is required. Scholarship is available. There will be a free group offered Wednesday, October 10th to get a better sense of the work and to ask questions.
For more information, 


A Word From the Craft Cooperative

Thursdays 9:15

Parent Lounge

The Craft Cooperative will begin meeting Thursdays at 9:15AM in the Parent Lounge. It is a warm and inspiring group that gives parents the chance to learn something new; to experience an activity—a way of working with your hands—that our children will be experiencing themselves in the classroom; to contribute to the school; and eventually, to make projects of your own to keep.
For more information and the latest updates, visit the Craft Cooperative page on the blog, 


Call for Interest - Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner

With enthusiasm, we are writing with an invitation and a CALL to interested people who would like to bring their understanding of Anthroposophy and who Rudolf Steiner was into a deeper relationship through study and group discussion.
A time commitment will be necessary but will be determined by the needs of the group. For more information please contact Lisa Bono at