Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Craft Cooperative

Dear families,
Crafting Fridays this fall in the Parent Lounge. All are Welcome!!
The Craft Cooperative is a group of parents, caregivers, staff members and teachers who get together to learn crafting skills, share patterns and techniques, and teach and inspire one another to create! The Craft Cooperative plays an essential role in fostering a hand-made sensibility of our school and craft contributions are important to the Holiday Auction, other School Events and the classrooms.
We will meet formally two Fridays a month throughout the year, and informally on other days. Our first meeting will be Friday September 20th at 9:15 am after drop off in the parent lounge.
This year we will offer a monthly tutorial. We are kicking off this year’s crafting with Essentials of Knitting, taught by one of our own veteran crafters! Claire will begin the first week with ‘Casting On’ and following tutorials will include Knitting, Purling and Casting off. Kaarin will be present as well for back up! Although these tutorials are geared towards complete beginners and advanced beginners, all are welcome, and the level and pace of instruction will be self-adjusting depending on who we are this year.
On Friday Sept 20, we will teach the basics: casting on, knitting and the garter stitch. You will be surprised by how easy it is and by the wonderful things you can make with such simple techniques. 
Later in the year we will have tutorials on:
Sept-Oct: Knitting & knitting the stockinette stitch
Nov: Needle felting
Dec: Hand sewing
Plant-dyeing with Ms. Kaori
Doll making with Clarisse
Other tutorials tbd! And if you have a suggestion or a question, please don't hesitate to contact us!
claire: claire.szeto@gmail.com or kaarin: kaarinvon@gmail.com
Our aim is to inspire a love for craft making and toy making in our community. We also hope to create excellent crafters so we can continue our tradition of making toys for our classrooms, our holiday auction and our spring fair. We also hope to be able to create toys for Waldorf schools in other countries where children do not have funds to buy such beautiful toys.
Please join us and share in the wonderful art of crafting together.