Friday, August 31, 2012


Dear New Amsterdam Community,

Welcome!  As the summer months come to a close, fall is upon us. This transition of the earth and ourselves brings excitement, renewed life forces, rhythm and the last fruits for harvest.

This transition can be no small task as we start to experience the change: earlier to bed and to rise, new activities coming, and what can become a full schedule overnight.

It is our intention at New Amsterdam to create a haven for your family that can continue to support and replenish our life forces and bring with light, to the children, our joy and wonder for each other and the world.  It is with this in mind that I welcome you back to a new year at New Amsterdam and share with you a few beginnings and farewells of our faculty into the 6th year of our journey.
It is with appreciation that we welcome Anne Elliott, our new administrator to New Amsterdam. Anne brings her experience as a lower school handwork teacher from the Rudolf Steiner School uptown as well as her experience serving on the board, college of teachers, and finance committee at RSS.  Anne is the mother of two, both graduates from The Rudolf Steiner School. I am happy to be passing the reigns of such an important  part of our school to Anne as someone who has experience and enthusiasm for our growing community.
Meaghan Witri joins us as a kindergarten assistant teacher, a graduate of the Green Meadow Waldorf School,  working in drama and the arts and who has been working with young children for many years.  We are very excited Meaghan has joined us and feel she is a great asset to our community!
Chris Huson, our founder and board chair, has stepped down and will be starting to teach his first year, high school geometry at a public school in the Bronx this fall. We will be thanking Chris for many years to come for all his efforts and vision in founding New Amsterdam! We send you all our love on your journey ahead.
Suchi Swift will be welcoming a new addition to her family in October and is now at home with Oden preparing.  We wish them many blessings and will see them as parent ‘s in our parent child class.
Clarisse Appleman has stepped back from our assistant teacher position but is staying very involved on our craft and first grade committee, and Oliver of course!
Leyla Modirzaden will be moving on and continue her work in the independent film industry and arts.
Sea – Anna Vasilas will be teaching this fall at The Eurythmy School,  Spring Valley.  Sea – Anna recommended Averi Schloss who will be joining us this fall.  Averi graduated last year from The Eurythmy School,  Spring Valley, and is a graduate of the Chicago Waldorf School.
We look very forward to seeing you soon.
With Love,
Lisa Bono
Faculty Chair