Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Conversation with Jon McAlice, Wednesday, October 22nd, 2-3pm

Please join Jon for a conversation about the Waldorf School movement and emerging governance structures. Jon will join us again in the coming months if you cannot make tomorrow's last minute meeting. We will meet informally tomorrow at 1 Avenue B, 2-3pm. 

Jon is the author of the book, Engaged Community: The Challenge of Self-governance in Waldorf Schools

'All education is self-education and, as teachers, we can only provide the environment for children's self-education… where children can educate themselves according to their own destinies.' -- Rudolf Steiner 

Jon McAlice argues that for teachers to help children 'practice the art of self-education', they must themselves model confident, honest self-governance. He shows how this ideal can come about by teachers, parents and students working together. He addresses issues of trust and colleagiality, authenticity, and self-development, and provides the tools and language that schools will need to make progress in this important area.