Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5-10 Year Plan Committee

Dear New Amsterdam Community,


After our open meeting last Wednesday, The 5-10 Year Plan Committee would like to share an update regarding our work. We feel it is important to be transparent about the tasks that we will be working on in this committee and would like to share our mandate with you all. A mandate is an agreement with the decision-making bodies of the school (in this case the Faculty Circle and Board). Our mandate outlines the timeline, tasks, responsibilities, and articulates the goals of the committee. Please follow this link to find our mandate.


Also, we would like to invite all members of our community to participate in our weekly study for the remainder of the school year. Please join the 5-10 Year Plan Committee this week May 21, from 4:00-5:00pm. RSVP to Meaghan (Meaghan.witri@newamsterdamchildhood.org).


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to continuing our work together.


The 5-10 Plan Year Committee

Mandate for a 5-10 Year Plan Committee (Final Name TBD)
Members of the Mandated Committee
Patricia, Mayra, Meaghan, Brigitte and Lisa
Length of Mandate
This mandate would go through June 2015
Context and Background
These are times of intense growth for the New Amsterdam School. To coordinate the many aspects of this growth effectively a 5-year plan is needed. This fall, the Work-Pay committee found it difficult to develop models for a healthy salary structure because such a larger
plan was missing. A sketch of this plan was created. Having recognized the need, we would now like to work on it in earnest. Such a plan will make the work of all committees far more effective (and, in addition, it is something that any outside Waldorf agency, such as
AWSNA, will rightfully expect from us if we seek accreditation). We are committed to researching and developing ideas to help create a sustainable future and life at New Amsterdam.
The context for this work springs from the source of the social mission of Waldorf education: to build individual and group capacities, to develop gift consciousness and to bring about a renewal of education for human beings. Self-education is the doorway into understanding any structure or form, and Waldorf education can be the doorway to the future. Bringing these ideals into clearer and pertinent articulations can support this much larger task of our work in relationship to unfolding the future.
Our proposal is to start a new 5-10 Year Plan Committee, that would take up what has been developed by the Work-Pay Committee. We also propose ending (and, in a sense, merging with) the Towards Societal Wholeness group, so that we have more time to dedicate to this essential task. We also expect that some evenings and weekends will be required.
This group will be looking into the following aspects of the current plan: salary structure, tuition models, governance structure and the community life. Also, we will look into developing our school in relationship to, and including these foundational ideals: building capacities, gift consciousness, building partnerships, creating cooperatives.  We will be working primarily with Rudolf Steiner’s ideas and indications on these ideals brought to us out of Anthroposophy.
We take responsibility for facilitating this work between the faculty, board and committees as needed. We will report to the faculty on a bi-weekly basis and to the board monthly. As specific areas are identified within the plan, we will work directly with the individuals or groups involved. This collaborative effort will result in proposals made to the faculty and board for final decisions.  
Please find below some examples of the topics we will explore and the corresponding groups with whom we will collaborate.
Salary Structure ⇄ Faculty, Finance Committee and Hiring Committee
Governance ⇄ Board, Faculty, Parents, all Committees and Mandated Groups
Tuition (including finance, tuition assistance and admissions) ⇄ Board, Faculty, Parents
Community Life (this depends on what area but likely) ⇄ Faculty, Board, Parents
Peer mentoring ⇄ Faculty
College of teachers ⇄ Faculty, Board
Co-Teaching ⇄ Hiring, Faculty, Finance
Partnerships ⇄ Board, Faculty, Parents, Other Organizations
Cooperatives ⇄ Board, Faculty, Finance, Hiring, Parents, neighborhood community 

Intentions and Tasks
Specifically, we propose the following:
·        Focusing our work on the 5-10 year plan that the Work-Pay group has developed, while still including broader questions around social hygiene and societal context
·        Continuing with the same schedule as Towards Societal Wholeness (Wednesdays from 4-6pm), but more intensively - meeting weekly with some additional evenings and weekends as needed.
·        Keeping the group open to faculty, parents, board members, and friends of New Amsterdam, and to anyone we feel is connected to the school and these questions, with the requirement that all participants are excited by this work and want to make the above time commitments.
-              If anyone has individual constraints that would prohibit their participation, we ask them to speak with us about their needs (childcare, finances etc.) and we will find a way for them to join us.
-              We will also strive to include those who can't make such a commitment with weekend workshops or open meetings.