Friday, March 1, 2013

Garden Thoughts From Patricia Carlin

The 3-Day Nursery children have been walking to the garden these late winter days.
Walking by the pet shop, they look in the window to see if Poncho the cat is looking out the window at them.
They also love to see an unexpected, though much anticipated, fire truck whiz by.
Yet, new this week, is what our children have encountered just after entering the big garden gates:
You might think the children felt the joy of running free in the meadow.
You might think our little children felt the lure of the big children climbing, then sitting astride the big fallen tree.
Or the goldfish lying still at pond's bottom, or mother turtle digging holes to lay eggs.
However, quite surprisingly, it has been none of the above.
What has been so enticing to our little children was spontaneously discovered by them a mere 20 feet past the garden gate:
The soil!
They have all found little digging sticks, then sat down to poke and prod the soil, and kept at this process the whole garden time!
When it is time to leave, we teachers (Patricia and Mayra) have to help each child up individually, so fascinated is each one by the act of digging and finding dark treasures hidden beneath the surface.
What glories springtime promises!